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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Embroidery Process

Custom Embroidery consists of two steps.

The creation of a computer program using specialized software to control the embroidery machine.
Using this computer program to custom embroider the logo repetitively onto custom apparel.
The first step, called embroidery digitizing, is typically a one-time process. It requires relatively clean artwork as a starting point. While, a business card, letterhead, or a decal will suffice as this artwork, camera-ready or computer generated graphics from a program such as Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop result in truer finished embroidery. The digitizing process involves converting artistic elements into embroidery objects, and can become expensive for complex, detailed, or large graphics.

The second step, the actual custom embroidery, consists of first fixing the area of the garment to be embroidered in a device called a hoop. Next we attach the hooped garment to the embroidery machine so that it can be embroidered. Finally we remove the backing material used to stabilize the fabric during embroidery.

Once this is done we have a custom embroidered logo that is ready to be worn. If you have any questions about the embroidery process please let us know at 888-222-9542.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


How many colors can I custom embroider?

With custom embroidery at you can embroider 14 colors at no additional charge. With custom embroidery we use tajima 6 head machines which has 14 needles on each head. Each needle holds a seperate color, which gives us alot of options on custom embroidered logos.

Most logos come well under the 14 color maximum, but if you have a custom corporate logo to place on you custom golf shirts we can do it. The best part is we dont charge you any more for the additional colors. As long as your logo comes under the 12,000 stitch maximum you will be charged exactly what quick quote says.

If you have any questions about custom embroidery please give us a call toll free at 888-222-9542.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


What size do you Custom Screenprint Youth Tees?

In most custom youth t-shirts you have four different sizes. They range from youth x-small to youth large. With shirts in this size range Bender Apparel likes to custom screenprint a eight to nine inch logo. This would be for either a full front custom print or a full back print. We do use our judgement on each order. For example if you only order youth x-small custom tees then we would recommend using a smaller logo.

The norm for custom screenprinted youth tees is 8 inches. There are alot of conditions that can change that sizing. One of the main things is if you are printing adult size shirts and you want to throw in a few youth large shirts. We would recommend at that time custom screenprinting the adult logo on the youth large t-shirts. This will be a little big, but it will save the customer a good amount of money.

If you have any questions about custom screenprinting youth size t-shirts then please give us a call at

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Monday, October 22, 2007


What type of Presses do you use?

At we use MandR and we also have Lawson. The most desirable is the MandR press, but they come with a pretty high price tag. A normal screenprinting shop can typically go with an eight color screenprinting press. Eight color presses will cover most jobs, but we use 10 color presses to handle some of those complex jobs that are out there. The MandR offer a lot more bells and whisles, such as pressure controls, electronic indexing, and more control of printing from the printing station. I will say that we started with the Lawson presses, but will buy nothing but MandR from here on out.

When it comes to automatic presses you get a lot more control of the print from the M&R which in turn produces better quality shirts and we like that. I can go on and on about MandR and probably will in some later post, but for now I will leave you with this. If you can afford MandR – Buy MandR.

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Friday, October 19, 2007


Why does the cost per shirt change with quantity?

In custom screenprinting price is always based on quantity and I will do my best to explain why. I would like to take an example of an order that we just completed to discuss the reasoning behind this.

We just completed an order that was for 500 shirts with a 2 color front and a 2 color back. If you refer back to some of my previous post on the printing process you will see some of what I am going to discuss in greater detail. With this order we had to develop film, burn screens, setup on press and print samples to get it ready to print. This all took about 2 hours to get it ready to print. That would have been the same on 36 shirts. We are able to split that cost across 500 shirts rather than 36. The printing is actually less time consuming on most orders than the prep work to get it to press. Just think on that 500 shirts we completed all the printing in about 3 hours and it had 1000 prints. This would give us a total of 5 hours on that job. On the 36 shirts we would have about 30 minutes in printing. So 464 more shirts only took 2.5 hours more to complete.

I think now that you see how much time goes into the setup you will understand the quantity pricing schedule. If not please give me a call personally and we can discuss, that’s what I love to do anyway.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


What size is a custom sceenprinted left chest?

We like to use our judgement on this question. I think different designs need different sizes. For example a customer had a logo that was very narrow, so I recommended using a 4.25 inch wide design. This would make the design larger than normal in the width, but not in the height. Normal sizing is 3.5 inches, but if I made her design 3.5 inches wide it would have only been 1 inch tall. I think that is too small. Most designs we custom screen print are at the 3.5 inch size, but we always like to be able to help the customer in deciding if that is the best size for them.

If you have questions about the sizing of your custom screenprinted left chest logo please give us a call toll free at 88-222-9542.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Automatic Sceenprinting Presses compared to Manual Press

There are a lot of differences between a manual and an automatic press, but we are going to hit some of the major differences today.

The main difference is in the speed of the printing. With a manuel press you have to pull every color by hand which becomes very time consuming on a multiple color job. So lets take a 3 color logo for an example. On a 3 color logo you would have to pull every color before one shirt is complete. On an automatic you can set up all 3 colors and set your index time to 11-14 seconds depending on the design and every time your machine indexes you have a completed custom screenprinted t-shirt. On average you can print 300 shirts per hour no matter how many colors are in your logo, on a manual press if you have 6 color logo you could lower you output to 25 per hour.

Another big difference is in the quality of the print. One of the concerns my customers have is in the thickness of the print. With manual printing the pressure is controlled by the printer. Most of the time the printing is a lot thicker on manual printing because the printer is allowing too much ink to pass thru the screen. With automatic printing you adjust the pressure with a guage which makes the print much thinner and makes the shirt easier to wear.

We will discuss other differences later, but these are the main 2 reasons automatic presses are much better to have for custom screenprinting.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


4th Process in Custom Screenprinting

Well we are finally ready to custom screenprint t-shirts. With the hard work behind us we now are ready to set up the screens on the press. This is done in different ways depending on what type of screenprinting press is used. At we used primarily automatic presses. This means that the printing is done by the machine rather than by hand. There are some advantages to using automatic press which we will tackle in another blog.

On the automatic press we place in screens in a sequence that best fits the design. Then we align the screens with the registration marks that were printed on each film. Once we have the marks aligned we place the ink in the screen. Now that the screens are filled with in we put in clean squeegees and run a test print to make sure pressures and alignment are correct. If there are any problems they are fix and another test print is run.

We now have a sample for our quality control representative to approve. At this point we can begin the printing. On our press we average about 300 shirts per hour. We now have a finish order that is ready to ship.

This is a general idea of the printing process. You can now see that custom screen printed t shirts is a pretty complex process that is very time consuming. At we do our best to make sure your order is handled with care and every shirt goes out with top quality.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


What size is a custom screenprinted full back?

Bender Apparel Graphics has the capability to print up to a 16 inch full back. This size however doesn’t work will on small shirts. We usually print a full back at 12 inches. 12 inches gives you a good print area for a normal logo. The 16 inch logos are usually used for printing large designs seen in nascar and things like that. 99% of our full back prints are printed at that 12 inch size and we rarely have any complaint about the sizing.

If you have questions about custom screenprinting you full back logo, just give us a ring at 888-222-9542. One of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to help you with your screenprinting size.

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