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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Embroidery Process

Custom Embroidery consists of two steps.

The creation of a computer program using specialized software to control the embroidery machine.
Using this computer program to custom embroider the logo repetitively onto custom apparel.
The first step, called embroidery digitizing, is typically a one-time process. It requires relatively clean artwork as a starting point. While, a business card, letterhead, or a decal will suffice as this artwork, camera-ready or computer generated graphics from a program such as Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop result in truer finished embroidery. The digitizing process involves converting artistic elements into embroidery objects, and can become expensive for complex, detailed, or large graphics.

The second step, the actual custom embroidery, consists of first fixing the area of the garment to be embroidered in a device called a hoop. Next we attach the hooped garment to the embroidery machine so that it can be embroidered. Finally we remove the backing material used to stabilize the fabric during embroidery.

Once this is done we have a custom embroidered logo that is ready to be worn. If you have any questions about the embroidery process please let us know at 888-222-9542.

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