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Friday, October 19, 2007


Why does the cost per shirt change with quantity?

In custom screenprinting price is always based on quantity and I will do my best to explain why. I would like to take an example of an order that we just completed to discuss the reasoning behind this.

We just completed an order that was for 500 shirts with a 2 color front and a 2 color back. If you refer back to some of my previous post on the printing process you will see some of what I am going to discuss in greater detail. With this order we had to develop film, burn screens, setup on press and print samples to get it ready to print. This all took about 2 hours to get it ready to print. That would have been the same on 36 shirts. We are able to split that cost across 500 shirts rather than 36. The printing is actually less time consuming on most orders than the prep work to get it to press. Just think on that 500 shirts we completed all the printing in about 3 hours and it had 1000 prints. This would give us a total of 5 hours on that job. On the 36 shirts we would have about 30 minutes in printing. So 464 more shirts only took 2.5 hours more to complete.

I think now that you see how much time goes into the setup you will understand the quantity pricing schedule. If not please give me a call personally and we can discuss, that’s what I love to do anyway.

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