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Monday, May 19, 2008


Does Bender Apparel Donate to Non-Profits?

This is probably one of the hardest things I deal with on a day to day basis. When it comes to custom screen-printing you are going to have a lot of custom screen printed non-profit custom t-shirts. That’s right; a lot of our customers are non-profit organizations. I do try to help some, but as you will see we don’t have a lot of room to discount our prices. We are already one of the lowest priced custom screen printers and custom embroiderers on the web. I will say that we proudly sponsor our state's Ronald McDonald Houses and our local Special Olympics.
I would love be able to give away more to some of hard work non-profit agencies, but it just is not feasible to help them all.
If you have any questions about this blog please contact me personally at 888-222-9542.
Berry Bender

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Monday, May 12, 2008


Can I mix and match sizes in my order? Can I mix and match t-shirt colors/styles in my order?

You can mix and match sizes as much as you need to in your order. Our quotes generally cover sizes Small - X-Large. There will be an additional charge for sizes 2X and above ($1.50 and up).
You can mix and match garment colors in your order. You can also mix and match garment styles in your order. For example, if you wanted to order 25 black Hanes Adult T-shirts and 25 black Hanes Ladies T-shirts with the same design custom screen printed on all 50 shirts, we could do that for you with no extra charges. As long as the design is the same and the ink colors/print size is the same, there would be no extra charges.
If you need the same design to go on white shirts and black shirts, it may be necessary to change the ink color so the design shows up correctly on the different color shirts. For example, black text that needs to go on white shirts, gray shirts and black shirts. The black ink would be fine for the white and gray shirts, but of course black ink won't show up on black shirts, so we'd need to change the ink color to white (or a different contrasting color). In these cases there is a $25 color change fee to cover the cleaning of the screens to get ready for the different ink color(s).

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Monday, May 5, 2008


What types of art files do you accept?

The better artwork you provide us the less we have to spend on custom art. We include an hour of custom art with every order. If it is over that we charge $35 per hour. Below is a list of common files we can easily work with.

* Adobe Illustrator (EPS, AI)
* Adobe Photoshop (PSD, PPD)
* Corel Draw (CDR)

If your file type is not listed above, please send it anyway. We will do our best to convert it into a file we can work with. If for some reason we can not work with the file(s) you have sent us we will notify you immediately.
How do I get my art to you?
You can email it to us at You may also upload your art when placing a custom screen print or embroidery order at
Will I see a sample before you run my order?
We will send you an image layout proof of your final design for your approval before we start any production. If you have any questions regarding your artwork, please contact us at or call us at 888-222-9542.

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Friday, May 2, 2008


How can Custom T-Shirts help my Non-Profit?

Custom Screen Printing is one of the best ways to advertise or promote your organization if you are on a budget. I have one client that purchases 18,000 custom t-shirts from me so that they can raise money for a non-profit. That is a lot of money spent to raise money, but it works. Here is why. Businesses see that as 18,000 little billboards. That is, right on the back of every one of those shirts is my company logo and 10 or so others that paid good money to be on the back. I know that my logo will be seen by at least 18,000 people in just a few days. It also lasts. We did a September 11th shirt to raise money for the Red Cross. Just yesterday I saw one of those shirts being worn around town. That was six years ago. So, if someone is looking to get their non-profit logo out there at a low price per unit what better way than custom screen printing.

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