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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Top Picks for Heavier Outerwear

The wide variety of jackets can also be overwhelming for customers. Bender Shirts carries fleece, lightweight, and heavyweight apparel. These jackets can be custom designed to fit your needs. Go online and get an instant price quote with no obligation. If you can't decide which jacket is best for you, check out Bender's Top Picks where we narrow down the options and show you our favorites. As always, if you have any questions, call Bender Shirts at 1-888-222-9542 and we'll be happy to help you!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Top Picks for Fall

All of the options for cooler weather can be quite overwhelming. Check out Bender's Top Picks for sweatshirts, pull overs, and sweatpants. Still not sure? Call Bender Shirts and speak with a helpful sales associate.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Why have Promotional Items for Family Reunions?

Is it hard to get everyone in your family together in one place? Then it is time to plan a Family Reunion! There are several considerations when taking on what will be a big task – but bottom line – making it an enjoyable and memorable event is your ultimate goal.

When the food is gone, the games are played and everyone has gone home what will they take away that will always remind them of the wonderful time they had? Pictures get looked at then put in an album, a box or a drawer and forgotten – but having something they can use or wear again and again will allow them to always have the family “around” even though you are miles apart.

Will there be a theme for your reunion? Are you going apple picking in the northeast in the fall? Then how about getting a light weight fleece jacket for keeping warm! Will you be at the beach playing in the sand? Then a family reunion t-shirt, hat, beach towel or a tote bag would be a fantastic item and very useful even after everyone has gone home.

As with all things, budget plays an important roll in an event like this. When planning out the cost of a souvenir there are several things that you need to consider:
  • Will there be a charge for the artwork?
  • Will it cost more to have more than one color?
  • Can you get a proof of the artwork before the items are made?
  • If so, is there a cost for the proof?
  • Is there a minimum order amount required?
Whether you want custom screen printing or embroidery – there is something for every family reunion’s budget. Just make sure you are clear on all the costs.

But wait…what DO you put on these items? You are not really the artistic one. Utilizing clip art or an in-house design person can relieve that stress as well. Or better yet…ask the kids in the family to submit ideas based on the family name or theme of the reunion. Then send them out to the entire family and have them vote on which one they like best. This allows everyone to be involved in the process! Once the idea has been chosen it can be done as a screen print on a variety of items like t-shirts, tote bags or towels. Or if what is chosen is actually a simple design with the family name, embroidering it on a fleece, hat or golf shirt may be the way to go!

You can even mix it up depending on what each “family” that is coming likes – if one likes to cook you can get aprons for them. If one family is all about sports then a duffel bag might be just the thing. If the kids are all on the swim team then maybe you get towels for the kids and golf shirts for the adults. The possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We Carry Sweatshirts Too

If hoodies aren't your thing, Bender Shirts also carries a variety of sweatshirts that might fit your style. Like our hoodies, these make for comfortable, lightweight outerwear in cooler temperatures and can be custom screen printed or embroidered to fit your needs.

We carry Jerzee sweats in adult and youth sizes starting as low as $7.31 (depending on the quantity ordered). Jerzee sweatshirts are 50/50 - meaning they are made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Your color options are endless ranging from pink to gold to light blue. The endless array of color options makes it possible for us to custom design the perfect look for your company, team, or organization.

We also offer zip fleece sweatshirts that are a little more dressy than the standard sweatshirt. Port Authority's lightweight zip fleece can be custom screen printed or embroidered and comes in several color combinations including silver and black and red and silver. Port Authority also carries a full zip sweatshirt that can also be screen printed or embroidered.

These are just a few of the options we have for sweatshirts. Call Bender Shirts today to find the best product for your company!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Using Promotional Items to Promote Your Business

With all of the buzz in the advertising industry about the optimum way to promote your business – sometimes simple is best. When building your brand finding what works best for your business is anyone’s main goal! In a world besieged by TV, radio, internet, mobile marketing – word of mouth can still be the strongest form of advertising out there. Having someone walk around in a shirt, jacket or a hat or carrying a tote, duffel or messenger bag that has your company’s logo on it is still a powerful form of advertising.

This media was thriving at least 50 years before the TV was invented and even longer before computers and the internet became household words. According to a report called Promotional Products: Impact, Exposure and Influence, a survey of business travelers at DFW Airport, published by Promotional Products Association International:
  • 71% of the group reported receiving a promotional product in the last 12 months
  • 33.7% of this group had the item on them at the time
  • 76.1% of the group could recall the advertiser’s name on the product they had received
In comparison those same people were asked if they had read a magazine or newspaper in the past week – 80% of them said yes, but only 53.5% of them could remember the name of a single advertiser!

This report also looked at the “impression of the advertiser” and found some very strong statistics that support the use of promotional items to promote your business.
  • 52% of the group did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional item
  • Of those that had not done business almost 50% said they were more likely to do business with the company that gave them the promotional item
  • 51% also stated that their “impression” of the advertiser was more favorable since receiving the item.
Also looked at in this study was the length of time that the person kept the item – over 55% kept the item for more than a year! When asked why they held on to them for so long they responded:
  • The product was USEFUL
  • The product was ATTRACTIVE
  • They refer to the item for INFORMATION
Having a window into how promotional items are viewed by recipients allows you to better understand their place in your marketing strategy. Just as important is picking the promotional items that make sense for your industry and your target marketing. Is the majority of your target market young, professional men that play golf or exercise regularly – then you may want to have golf shirts, golf towels, light-weight fleece or duffel bags ready to give to new or prospective customers.

Overall promotional products can provide key elements to your marketing strategy and furnish advertisers with high recall, repeated exposure and more favorable impressions for their company.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Don't Forget About the Hoodies!

It seems the lineup for cooler weather is never ending! Bender Shirts not only offers long sleeve tees, wind jackets, and sweatpants - but we also carry a collection of hoodies for the cooler weather. Hoodies can be custom embroidered or screen printed to meet your organization or team needs.

Bender Shirts carries several varieties of hoodies. Our Gildan 50/50 hoodie is a pullover sweatshirt with front pocket and comes in colors ranging from charcoal to carolina blue. The Gildan variety starts as low as $14.83 depending on the purchased quantity. We carry specialty hoodies for ladies with a zip front that can also be screen printed or embroidered. The fit is designed specifically for a feminine look. We also have a full zip front hoodie for men. We carry Port Authority's color block hoodies that have varying colors on the sleeve and body of the sweatshirt. You can choose from gray with black, navy, red, or royal blue.

These are just a few of our products. There are so many more styles you can choose from. You can call Bender Shirts today to speak with a sales representative about the best hoodie for your occasion.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Top Picks for Cooler Weather

You've had a chance to look through our long sleeve shirts, and our light weight apparel. Now, let us tell you about our favorites. Check out Bender's Top Picks for Outerwear when you decide to plan your fall apparel. The Sierra Full Zip Fleece has a sturdy zipper and full size pockets and is available for embroidery for your company. Its a great uniform accessory for employees as they work in the cooler months. If you work some outdoors, possibly consider the Seattle Slicker - completely waterproof shell with an interior pocket. This jacket is also available for embroidery. Finally, our last pick is the 100% microfleece Port Authority jacket. Its the perfect product for a classy embroidered look and comes in several color combinations.

Of course, we have our favorites, but we are more than happy to help you find yours! Call Bender Shirts today to speak with a representative and plan your fall apparel.

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Monday, September 13, 2010


Fall is Coming

Fall doesn't just require long sleeves, but long pants as well. Bender Shirts also carries a variety of sweatpants that can be custom designed to fit your needs. We offer pocketed Gildan sweats in black, ash, navy, etc. These can be screen printed or embroidered with your logo or design. We can also custom design the athletic Champion sweat pant that is 50% cotton/50% polyester. If you need to mix and match, we have the standard adult sweats but we also carry three youth sizes - one by Jerzee, one by Gildan, and one by Hanes. These would be great for those Little League teams starting up in September.

Whatever your fall need - Bender Shirts has the product for you. Call us at 1-888-222-9542 or go online for a free price quote at

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Fall is Coming

So we are set for the summer/fall transition with our long sleeve tees - but what about those chillier nights? Think campfires, football games, early morning fishing trips! For those cooler times, you may need something a little heavier than a long sleeve tee.

Bender Shirts carries a variety of lightweight outerwear. Nike carries a lightweight wind shirt that handles all of the elements fall carries. This makes a classy piece of advertisement as you embroider your company's logo on the chest! You might also consider Inner Harbor's lightweight poplin jacket. This style has a full zip front with mesh lining for those cooler days. Again, it offers classy advertising as you allow us to custom embroider this with the mascot or logo of your choice. These jackets come in a variety of colors from blue to hunter green. Another lightweight option is Port Authority's cotton jacket. This piece is also available for custom embroidery and is certain to get your company the attention it deserves!

Get ready for fall by placing your order for lightweight outerwear.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Fall is Coming!

Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall in Eastern North Carolina. Our cooler temperatures may not start immediately, but they are coming! Its time to prepare by purchasing some fall apparel. Its certainly not cold enough for hoodies and jackets, but the temperatures may drop at night leaving us in need of something more than tank tops and t-shirts. Bender Shirts has just the right thing for your fall needs - long sleeve tees.

We carry a wide variety of long sleeve tees to get you through this summer to fall transition. We have 100% cotton tees by Hanes for a thicker feel, or the 50/50 cotton/polyester blend by Jerzees for something a bit lighter. Both styles can be custom screen printed or embroidered to fit your needs and come in colors ranging from purple to gold. These shirts make great warm up apparel for fall athletes like cheerleaders, cross country, and football players!

We also carry some specialty long sleeve tees if you are looking for a particular style. We have long sleeve mock turtlenecks for our golfers, tagless tees, and Sport-Tek Dry Zone apparel for our athletes needing a lighter, dryer option.

Get ready for fall and purchase your long sleeve outerwear today!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Why Advertise with Tees?

So you might ask yourself...why spend money to buy a bunch of tee shirts?
1. Advertise - Advertise - Advertise
The more shirts you pass out with your company's name on it, the larger your reach. The more shirts you buy, the cheaper they get! Why not buy in bulk and watch your name go where the people go whether it be the mall, the grocery store, or the gym.

2. Custom Design
Bender Shirts can custom design your tees to look EXACTLY how you want them to look. We have tons of tee shirt styles from tailored shirts for men and women, youth sizes, baby sizes, tanks, and more. Our shirts are available in every color imaginable and we have a variety of ink colors to complement your shirt!

3. Universally Appealing
Everyone needs tee shirts. If you are looking for a great give-a-away, a tee is your best bet. Everyone loves a new shirt so the situation is win-win. You get advertisement as they walk around in your custom tee and they get a great, quality shirt.

4. Friendly Sales Staff
So, you want to advertise but don't want to deal with the hustle and bustle of a huge corporation? Bender Shirts helps you advertise with tees, giving you high quality products with a small town feel. Call us and you can speak directly with the president of the company! How's that for service?!

5. It is Just Plain Fun
Tees are fun to design and fun to wear. Bright colors, vibrant designs, and exciting styles make advertising for your company fun and exciting!

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