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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Why have Promotional Items for Family Reunions?

Is it hard to get everyone in your family together in one place? Then it is time to plan a Family Reunion! There are several considerations when taking on what will be a big task – but bottom line – making it an enjoyable and memorable event is your ultimate goal.

When the food is gone, the games are played and everyone has gone home what will they take away that will always remind them of the wonderful time they had? Pictures get looked at then put in an album, a box or a drawer and forgotten – but having something they can use or wear again and again will allow them to always have the family “around” even though you are miles apart.

Will there be a theme for your reunion? Are you going apple picking in the northeast in the fall? Then how about getting a light weight fleece jacket for keeping warm! Will you be at the beach playing in the sand? Then a family reunion t-shirt, hat, beach towel or a tote bag would be a fantastic item and very useful even after everyone has gone home.

As with all things, budget plays an important roll in an event like this. When planning out the cost of a souvenir there are several things that you need to consider:
  • Will there be a charge for the artwork?
  • Will it cost more to have more than one color?
  • Can you get a proof of the artwork before the items are made?
  • If so, is there a cost for the proof?
  • Is there a minimum order amount required?
Whether you want custom screen printing or embroidery – there is something for every family reunion’s budget. Just make sure you are clear on all the costs.

But wait…what DO you put on these items? You are not really the artistic one. Utilizing clip art or an in-house design person can relieve that stress as well. Or better yet…ask the kids in the family to submit ideas based on the family name or theme of the reunion. Then send them out to the entire family and have them vote on which one they like best. This allows everyone to be involved in the process! Once the idea has been chosen it can be done as a screen print on a variety of items like t-shirts, tote bags or towels. Or if what is chosen is actually a simple design with the family name, embroidering it on a fleece, hat or golf shirt may be the way to go!

You can even mix it up depending on what each “family” that is coming likes – if one likes to cook you can get aprons for them. If one family is all about sports then a duffel bag might be just the thing. If the kids are all on the swim team then maybe you get towels for the kids and golf shirts for the adults. The possibilities are endless!

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