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Friday, May 11, 2012


Custom Tee Shirts are a Great Method for Promoting Business

When looking for a unique way to advertise your business, consider making custom tee shirts. Designing your very own shirts is not only fun, but it is an excellent way to promote your business cheaply and easily. By wearing a shirt featuring your business out on the street, at the mall, or to the grocery store, others are sure to take notice. For example, if you are the owner of a plumbing business and would like to get your name out there, try designing a custom shirt in a vibrant color that feature a picture of a plunger and your business's name. The bright color and unique quality of the shirt is sure to be spotted in the crowd.

Designing custom shirts is a very simple process. If you already have a logo or design that you would like to use on the tee shirts, great! If not, there are lots of different pre-made designs that are available to use on your shirts. Put your logo or design on the back or front of the tee shirt. Many businesses choose to add text or designs to both the front and back of their shirts to gather attention from any angle. Pick from a wide selection of shirt colors and order them in bulk to save additional money on your purchase. Custom styles are not restricted to ordinary men's shirts; there are many different shirt styles that you will be able to select, from ladies fitted tees to fleeces and golf shirts.

One of the best ways to market your business is to wear custom shirts out while on the job. Also, provide new clients with a free tee shirt as a thank you for doing business with you. When your clients wear their tee shirts, they will be advertising your business without even thinking about it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Customized T-Shirts anywhere from Bender Apparel Graphics

As individuals and organizations such as sports teams, youth groups, church groups, and charity organizations invest in building up their communities, getting customized t-shirts to help promote their activities can greatly help in accomplishing their goals. There are many benefits to getting customized t-shirts for your group or team. If you are involved in charity, t-shirts can be especially useful in bringing awareness to your cause and identifying one another within a large crowd.

Creating Memories with Customized T-shirts

Having your team or group wearing the same customized t-shirts, tank tops, or polo shirts secures a feeling of teamwork amongst people, similar to that of having a uniform. With a company logo, team, or charity motto printed on a shirt, your group will be imbued with a feeling of unity and purpose. After a fundraising event, like a charity walk or run, team members can keep their customized t-shirts as a proud remembrance of their dedication to their cause each time they wear it, or oftentimes people will mount an event shirt on a wall in their home, as a type of trophy or reminder.

The Changing World of Custom Shirts

Years back, specialized or custom t-shirts were usually ordered by big companies with many employees, and custom shirts were usually back ordered as demand for them were fierce. Nowadays, companies like Bender allow anyone or any size company the ability to order customized t-shirts and sports apparel online with ease. When it comes to custom t-shirt printing and embroidery, there is a wide array of styles and materials to choose from to meet your custom screen printing needs.

Why Choose Bender?

Bender Apparel Graphics carries top quality brand shirts to choose from, such as Hanes, Port Authority, and many others. The company's service is unsurpassed and they are geared toward meeting all your needs, whether you are looking for t-shirts, tank tops, golf apparel, or even a hat. So, if your team or charity is in need of a customized t-shirt, then Bender Apparel Graphics can accommodate any size adult or youth.


Monday, May 7, 2012


Custom T Shirts Work Wonders at Children's Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child's birthday by having a party that the kids will never forget! By getting custom t shirts made for the children, you can ensure that they get something fun to take away from the event. Having custom shirts made will also provide a great way to keep track of all the kids associated with your particular party.

First, pick a theme that is appropriate for the particular party. For instance, if you are having a bash that exclusively consists of girls ages 6-7, you can choose pinks and purples and have fairies or princesses on the shirts. If on the other hand, your party is just boys, transformers will work just fine. For a party with both boys and girls, you could always choose gender neutral themes, such as knights and princesses, pirates, animals, popular movies, etc.

Next, create a design that will go with your theme. For instance, if you went with the knights and princesses theme, you could use brown or black shirts for the knights and pink shirts for the princesses. Have plastic swords ready for the boys and tiaras for the girls and you are all set for a fun party. Add each child's name to the shirt for personalization. Custom shirts can be used as party favors, game prizes, or just to add that special touch to make the party a hit.

Keeping track of 20-odd kids at a busy playground, park, or video game arcade can sometimes be a challenge. By getting custom t shirts made for all the kids, making sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be will be a cinch. Simply perform head counts periodically for boys and girls.

Every party can be exciting and fun with custom t shirts. With great takeaways items like shirts, you can ensure that the party is something that every child will remember fondly for many years to come.


Friday, May 4, 2012


Custom T-shirts Show Support for Everything from Bands to Business

Custom T-shirts are not only becoming more popular with fashionistas and loyal team supporters, but also with the fans of musical artists or groups--they are not only a way to express a fan's love for their favorite musicians, but they are also a convenient and efficient mode of self-expression. A custom T-shirt is comfortable and very easy to throw on with a favorite pair of jeans. Not only is this flexible fashion staple loved by all, it is also gender-neutral and whether male or female, a fan can purchase a shirt to support any artist that they love. What sets the custom T-shirt apart from typical souvenirs is the fact that it is a practical item. A t-shirt can be reused over and over again and can easily become a favorite wardrobe staple over time. Other souvenirs have a tendency to sit on shelves or in closets gathering dust.

Custom T-shirts are also the perfect marketing tool for any company wishing to advertise on-the-go. Employees or customers wearing these shirts become walking advertisements for your business to anybody who crosses their path. T-shirts are commonly used as a form of self-expression, which means that anyone that wears a logo or business name is effectively showing their loyalty and support for that company's products or services. The loyalty of real people on the street says a lot to consumers and makes them a lot more open to your objectives than they might otherwise be.

There are endless designs that can be created easily for custom shirts. This creates a great advantage for the creators because, unlike any other type of printed material, the surface space that is available for customization is larger than other printed material such as postcards or flyers. For such a powerful marketing tool, the custom T-shirt is surprisingly affordable, especially when ordered in bulk quantities.

Whether being used for business or the support of a favorite band, customized t-shirts are a great way to get the word out.


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